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  • 16.Apr
  • Down, Winter, DOWN I SAY!
  • Winter tried to crawl back into the city last night, but we’re not going to let that stop us from enjoying Spring in our usual drunken way, are we? Quite a few great events this midweek in NYC, check them out! TONIGHT (WEDNESDAY): Start early tonight by meandering over to Soho’s What Goes Around Comes […]

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  • 13.Apr
  • As usual I will be presenting this week’s write up to you while being hungover. I was at Mr. Joshua Styles big birthday bash last night at Grand Victory and I think I may have celebrated Josh’s birthday more than Josh did. Everything is ok now. I am at Cypress Inn now drinking mimosas to […]


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  • 24.Oct
  • Finger Lickin’ 7: Halloween
  • EPISODE 7! Drew and Charles are back with the seventh episode of the Finger Lickin’ Podcast! We get kind of spooky on this episode, so brace yourself. Lots of R&B and punk rocking music, accompanied by fascinating banter betwixt Charles and Drew. TUNE IN! Get it on iTunes >>here<< Google+

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  • 25.Apr
  • Finger Lickin’ Podcast 4
  • Charles and Drew are joined by Pierce from Silks and The Jigglers. They drank beer and ordered pizza. They also played a ton of killer Garage, R&B, Rockabilly, Soul, and Big Booty Bass.


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  • 07.Dec
  • Headless Horsemen, Lyres and Real Kids @ The Bowery Electric 11/23 [PICS]
  • Cavestomp w/Wizard Sex, The Headless Horsemen, The Lyres and The Real Kids. If it wasn’t for one band name, you’d swear this was a bill from NY’s garage band heyday of the mid 80s. Nevertheless, here it was. While it is pretty impossible to recapture the vibe of those heady-times, the gig served as a […]

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  • 20.Nov
  • The Flamin’ Groovies @ EUROPA, BROOKLYN 11/17 [PICS]
  • Sunday, November 17, 2013 After an kick-ass performance with The Sonics at Warsaw two days prior, the Flamin’ Groovies took to the stage for a surprise extra NY performance at Europa in Greenpoint. Despite the small turnout and recurrent sound issues, a fine time was had by all. More Groovies pix than you can shake […]

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  • 09.Oct
  • The Oblivians @ The Bell House, October 3 [PICS]
  • The following pics from the Oblivians show last week in Brooklyn (plus commentary) provided by our intrepid alcoholic contributor, Bobby Boulders… We showed up late enough to only hear one Wyldlife song, which was one more Wyldlife song than we needed to hear. They were pop punk drivel with standard issue mall punk clothes and […]


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