Ain’t Nothin’ Like the Real Thing

Founder & Alcoholic-in-Chief of GaragePunkNYC, Shimmy is a longtime DJ and booker of garage & punk shows. He's done damage in locales as far apart as Prague, Portugal and (gulp) South Carolina. His other projects include Hullabaloo!, contributing to Bananas, a print zine and buying & selling records at Pointless Records.

coke Aint Nothin Like the Real ThingEvery couple of weeks or so, another ‘legend’ or two from the old days blows through town on their reunion/revival/re-awakening/whatever tour. Sometimes, honestly, it’s just to make a buck. After all, legends have bills too. They have mortgages, alimony, gold-plated toilets, houses in the Keys and expensive methadone prescriptions, just like the average schmoe.

Unfortunately this sometimes means that the quality of the performance can suffer. Well, fear not, because this weekend you’ll have a chance to enjoy a great performance from the REAL THING…. BOBBY PATTERSON! What, you thought I was talking about someone else? Haha, yeah right. Any way, there’s a few other parties of note so read on…


Let’s start with the live action… shall we?

The excellent 45 Adapters play early at Europa in Greenpoint opening a show dominated by hip/hop-ska-punk hybrids. We’re not so sure about those, but we do know that Grace o’Spades is DJing. So at least 50% of the music will be excellent. Let me take a moment to say that if you haven’t experienced the Adapters’ brand of air-punchingly amazing street punk, you are missing out. This is one of the tightest and best live bands in New York. No joke!

Later on you’ll find a surf/punk night of sorts at Hank’s Saloon in Brooklyn with the Hydes and Guitar Bomb (who I saw at Neil Young Copycat night and are recommended). FREE

On to DJs, lots of ’em tonight!

Way up at Ding Dong Lounge at 929 Columbus Ave, join Linda Rizzo for another sterling nite of garage, punk, soul & surf — uptown style. Special notice should be given to the Ding’s offerings tonight because the club itself is in DANGER of closing down for good. Apparently, Commandant Bloomberg’s dastardly city henchmen have imposed various levies, fees and damages against the club simply because it “rocks too hard” and the Ding finds itself in danger of missing the next rent payment. So drink early, drink late and drink lots! Save the Dong!

Considerably lower down Manhattan isle, slip past a burly doorguy at Otto’s to dig the far out Pacific rock sounds (that are anything but!) … Rebel Night returns with the usual crew of wacky jivers. And it’s free!

Over at Home Sweet Home, Ian Svenonius joins Jonathan Toubin once again for a starpacked, expensive 45 bustin’ set of dancin’ tunes. $3.

Late-breaker: at Cake Shop tonight there’s a solid bill: Outta Controllers, Girls at Dawn, Crusaders of Love, Foster Care and WLWL. Thrash! $?

And, over in Brooklyn town, Phast Phreddie and Lady Dawn set up the Subway Soul Club once again at the Loft above Public Assembly. Guest DJs Bossy Boots and Jaime of the Nouvellas provide extra reason to attend. It’s a swingin’ time and only a modest cover charge will be applied.


Tonite’s a nite to see some live action. Here’s what’s up:

Update: the ‘Foster Care’ at Knitting Factory on Saturday is not our beloved Brooklyn KBD ensemble but rather some experimental bunch. bummer!In case you like weird stuff and can spare the change, check out the NY Eye & Ear Fest at Knitting Factory. A lot of it is self-described “experimental” music (hmm) but one element is pleasing to the eye: the appearance of the mighty FOSTER CARE on the bill around 8:30. I’m guessing a bunch of shitgaze nerds are gonna get woken up from their ‘lude haze in grand fashion and that might just be worth the price of admission alone!

Talk about a blast from the past. At Brooklyn’s Beauty Bar Saturday, the Headless Hookers return for a show for the “All the Young Doodles” party. We haven’t seen these creatures in a while. Last time Jimmy & the Wolfpack mainman Dave Rhoden was a member but he’s apparently long gone. We’ve heard that Andrea (of Twin Guns) is now in, making our incredibly geeky late night sessions of “7 Degrees of GPNYC separation” WAY easier to play. FREE

Over on Kent at Secret Project Robot, there’s another installment of the PolyGlot Discotheque, another neat way to wrap up all those foreign language twist 45s that New York’s DJs seem to collect. Beyond the djing of Josh Styles and Jonathan Toubin, there’s bands including X-Ray Eyeballs (hopefully a reference to a great track from Las Vegas Grind!) featuring members of Golden Triangle and K-Holes. $5

Over at Southpaw, the aforementioned great Bobby Patterson will be holding court at Dig Deeper. His 60’s hits are many and are great, what more do you need to know? It’s like $10 or $12.

In case you just don’t want to see someone pick up a microphone tonight, head over to N 4th bar, logically enough located on n 4th st in Williamsburg. There you’ll find a new incarnation of Flip City, Jumpy‘s on-and-off-again 60’s dj night, this time with the mysterious ‘Crystal Blu‘ – a name that makes me thirsty. It’s free!

Oh yeah and there’s a tribute band called ‘the New York Dolls’ with David Johnanssen singing at Warsaw on Driggs Ave. It costs quite a bit, which is hard to understand for a tribute band…


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  1. Marcus added these pithy words on May 21, 2010 | Permalink

    It's not that Foster Care! It's another experimental/gothy band called Fostercare.

    I think I sent you an invite for this. It's the Sunday bill which has a couple of interesting bands (Naam, Freshkills).


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