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Garage & Punk Show Previews

Read the latest roundup of what’s on in the next few days in the big ol’ city.

Sat Aug 2: THE YOLKS, Cheap Sneakers, Big Huge @ DON PEDRO<?php the_title(); ?>

SIX YEARS AGO… – The President of the United States was some yokel from Texas- Breaking Bad was in its first season- Miley Cyrus apologized for a photo showing her naked upper back …and a little band from Chicago called THE YOLKS killed it at a show at Brooklyn’s Don Pedro! Those were simpler times! […]

Wild World July! Another Bloomin’ Boffo Weekend in The City<?php the_title(); ?>

It’s a Friday in July, and that means all your margaritas are belong to your liver, that means music blasts onto the streets for all night debacle, that means you can’t ever be bored! Not to mention the weather is exTREMEly pleasant, almost spring like (I don’t fucking trust it one bit)…let us explore all […]

Showpocalypse 2014<?php the_title(); ?>

WOW, it’s broken open now. Check out this plethora of options for the weekend… TONIGHT (FRIDAY): Start early at Otto’s Shrunken Head for the Rip! Rig! Panic! night with Nogood Nick and guest DJ Popwell. It’s Chockie’s birthday so expect special chocktails all around. 6-10 and free. Not too far away, Steve Myers DJs the […]

Sayonara, June Bug! Summer Time Weekend Madness Kicks In For REAL This Time<?php the_title(); ?>

June is shipping the hell out! Say bon voyage as we are now fully in a summertime kind of way! Friday June 27th Clockwork Bar‘s Happy Hour is the defacto launch pad for weekend trouble,in my eyes! Tonight in Chinatown your poisons mistress Lady Bree presents DJ David Watts, spinning prime cuts of psych, garage, punk […]

SUMMER.<?php the_title(); ?>

IT’S HERE! The season of less suck starts tomorrow here in the big ol’ apple, surrounded by all kinds of daytime and nighttime getdowns.  We’ll run them all down for you, ‘rat now… TONIGHT (FRIDAY): For your last night of Spring here’s one live show on the calendar in Greenpoint: bar band extraordinaires the Piggies […]

13 Candles To Blow Your Weekend Away

Hope you’ve managed to survive this witchy-ass day without too much murder or banana peels? It’s Friday the 13th and we’re all doomed! DOOMED TO HAVE A GOOD TIME, am I right ladies? Banger weekend ahead: Friday June 13th First of all, GO LOOK A THE MOON. Okay, you good? GREAT! It’s that time of […]

Sat June 21: SUMBER DUMBER w/ Walter Lure & the Waldos, the Hamburglars, Born Loose, Cheap Sneakers @ Don Pedro<?php the_title(); ?>

A-duhhhhhhhhhhhhh….. A-doyyyyyyyy……….. The HEAT, the sun, the sand, the booze, the bikinis– every Summer, we just get Dumber and Dumber. To celebrate the coming of the Season of Stupid, we’ve collected the DUMBEST bands in the world for one night of total IQ destruction: SATURDAY JUNE 21st. Topping this brainless bill are THE WALDOS, the […]

Wing Ding Weekend<?php the_title(); ?>

Summer may still be 2 weeks away officially but the weather is already here. I ain’t complainin’ ! We’ve got a weekend worthy of the season this time around, and who better to ring it in than Death Cult honcho and Canadian/Indian Love God KING KHAN, who rolls into town tonight with the hard-partyin’ Shrines.  There’s also […]

Thurs June 12: the Mystery Lights, Wooden Indian Burial Ground & More @ Don Pedro<?php the_title(); ?>

BBBBBBBBZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ…. That’s what June sounds like for us BIZZZZY beez over at GaragePunkNYC! This, the first of our two June shows, is one crackin’ load of fuck-with-your-head garage/psych! Headlining this brainticket are the MYSTERY LIGHTS, with their classic-is-new-again sound of fuzzed up garage rock. Already a ridiculous fly-thru-the-air live threat, they’ve recently thickened the plot […]

And So It Begins: The First Nuclear Weekend of The Season<?php the_title(); ?>

SUMMER IS HERE for REAL. This is one of the biggest weekends in forever, between WFMU’s record fair, Bushwick Open Studios, and Norton Records-A-Mania, not to mention the thousand and one DJ gigs and parties that surround! By the Gods, where do you even start? Friday May 30th Start of Friday by spending ALLLLLL your […]