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Garage & Punk Show Previews

Read the latest roundup of what’s on in the next few days in the big ol’ city.

PUNCHkin Flavored FU! Seasonal Sinning for the Weekend! Jump in a Pile of TROUBLE<?php the_title(); ?>

Oh HI! Sorry I didn’t notice you, I was too busy trying on ponchos made of fine witch pubes and sipping hot cider to notice I forgot to write the blog this weekend! Let me wipe the caramel from my glasses and get you the news you need to succeed at tripping into the night: […]

Fall into the Season!<?php the_title(); ?>

BOOM! And just like that, Summer ends this Sunday (with one more hot day even!) Leather weather is here and we’ve got a few good shows and parties to tell you about that are telling me that this Autumn will be pretty active after all. Dig in! TONIGHT (FRIDAY): Glasslands! Remember this place? It’s like […]

LEVEL UP! Weekend Fun Returns To Psycho Stance September Stylee!<?php the_title(); ?>

And just like THAT we’re back into the swing of a billion parties and shows happening (all on one night onFRIDAY, as fuckin’ ususal), so screw your calendar, it’s FALL NOW, child! Friday September 12th Pre-Game your nightlife at Clockwork Bar’s stupid cheap happy hour from 4pm till 10, with Lady Bree behind the bar […]

Burn It Down Again, One Last Time<?php the_title(); ?>

Looks like this is our last weekend of hot Summer temps before the Fall blows in some jacket weather, CMJ and all that other jazz. It’s a bit quiet out there, I’m guessing due to Andy Animal’s Meltasia way down in JOE-JA, but there’s still a few good things to do around town. TONIGHT (FRIDAY): […]

So Long, Summertime (In Name if Not In Temperature) – We Labor To Live This Weekend<?php the_title(); ?>

And so, here we are again at the “unofficial” end of Summer, Labor Day Weekend. How DID we get here so quick? Not a whole lot going on this weekend but the benefit is so many people are gone you now have ALLLLL this space to flail your arms around like a orangutang hopped up […]

Another Beachin’ Weekend<?php the_title(); ?>

  Just another beachin’ weekend here in the city. A clutch of shows and DJ gigaroos to check out. TONIGHT (FRIDAY): Start at 9 at Don Pedro with Italy’s own SULTAN BATHERY, a trippy punk band that visits these shores but once a year. They have a new joint out on Slovenly Records too! They’re […]

First They Came For Friday, And I Did Everything…Then They Came for Saturday And I Lost Me Mind<?php the_title(); ?>

Hey Babies! We are BARRELING through August like a gorilla in a pudding factory, and the weather is EASY I don’t care what’s got you down, boy, or who’s holding you back, girl: the city is your big bag o’ rock candy and there’s enough fun and merriment to wash away every thing that ails […]

Buon August-o!<?php the_title(); ?>

Sad to say but we’re about at the halfway point in this here Summer. ┬áIs it just me or do we all move to San Francisco? Bring back the heat, I say! Two shows will attempt to do just that this weekend– including a rare appearance by surf legend Dick Dale and an even-rarer one […]

Sat Aug 2: THE YOLKS, Cheap Sneakers, Big Huge @ DON PEDRO<?php the_title(); ?>

SIX YEARS AGO… – The President of the United States was some yokel from Texas- Breaking Bad was in its first season- Miley Cyrus apologized for a photo showing her naked upper back …and a little band from Chicago called THE YOLKS killed it at a show at Brooklyn’s Don Pedro! Those were simpler times! […]

Wild World July! Another Bloomin’ Boffo Weekend in The City<?php the_title(); ?>

It’s a Friday in July, and that means all your margaritas are belong to your liver, that means music blasts onto the streets for all night debacle, that means you can’t ever be bored! Not to mention the weather is exTREMEly pleasant, almost spring like (I don’t fucking trust it one bit)…let us explore all […]